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The Law Office of Robert Landheer is a “designer” criminal defense firm. This means we take into account the needs of our clients and create customized criminal defense strategies.

“We are not afraid to take the most difficult cases.”

DUI cases are not “one size fits all.” We will work with you to find the best resolution of your case based on the unique facts.

Why Chose Us?

  • Board Certified Specialist

Robert Landheer is a criminal law specialist who has practiced California DUI law for over 30 years.

  • Trustworthy Attorneys

We are in the business to help people, not make money. If we cannot help you, we will not take your case, or your money.

  • Regulars Around the Courthouse

Our relationships with judges, district attorneys, courthouse staff, and our fellow criminal defense attorneys give us an advantage when working on your case.

  • Working FOR Our Clients

We pride ourselves in the bonds we build with our clients. We are here to provide the support you need to make it through a difficult situation.

What is a DUI Specialist?

The California State Bar does not certify DUI specialists. No tests or classes are required for an attorney to advertise as a “DUI specialist.”

Robert Landheer is a certified criminal law specialist. The State Bar Board of Legal Specialization approved Mr. Landheer as a criminal law specialist due to his experience, education, and positive reviews.

See “Selecting a DUI Lawyer” for help selecting the appropriate DUI attorney for your case.

Our Attorneys

Robert F. Landheer is a Certified Criminal Law Specialist, and a DUI lawyer in Santa Barbara, who has been defending the constitutional rights and interests of his clients since 1981.

Mr. Landheer is widely acknowledged by his colleagues and clients for his dedication and commitment to providing the best representation possible. He is recognized by his peers and ranked among the highest attorneys in the state for his legal skills and high ethical standards. These principles define the entire firm.

Russell A. Brown is a dedicated criminal defense attorney who works with Mr. Landheer counseling clients and helping clients navigate their DUI cases. Mr. Brown grew up in Santa Barbara and attended college at UC Davis and law school at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. Russell is a hard-working, competent attorney who is passionate about defending the constitutional rights of his clients.

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